When the Grattan Institute recommended six books for the Prime Minister to read during the last Christmas holidays, among the titles it chose were Talking to My Country by Stan Grant and Time for a New Consensus by Tom Bentley and Jonathan West.

Judging by the progress that has been made towards Indigenous constitutional recognition, there is no evidence to suggest Mr Turnbull took heed of Grant’s personal reflections on his Aboriginal heritage and his views on today’s Australia. Nor is there any evidence to suggest there has been an outbreak of consensus in society and certainly not in Coalition ranks.

Who knows? Perhaps this year, and perhaps depending on the Coalition and consensus, Mr Turnbull will have more time on his hands.

Regardless, the independent think tank is recommending more titles for his delectation, all of which “say something interesting about Australia, the world and the future”.

The six chosen are: Still Lucky: Why you Should Feel Optimistic about Australia and its People by Rebecca Huntley; The Life to Come by Michelle de Kretser; The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Down Growth and Increase Inequality by Brink Lindsey and Steven M Teles; Burn Out by Dieter Helm; Breaking the Mould: Taking a Hammer to Sexism in Sport by Angela Pippos; and The Enigmatic Mr Deakin by Judith Brett.

It’s an eclectic selection that would give Mr Turnbull plenty of food for thought should he choose to read any or all of them. From an analysis of the sexism in Australian sport to one of what Australians really want from their politicians in terms of policy; from a novel that asks how we can live a good life to a life of one of Mr Turnbull’s predecessors, Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second PM; from a look at American egalitarian market regulation to a look at the global climate, economic and political consequences of future electricity generation.

Whether they will have any wider impact other than pleasure and intellectual stimulation, of course, remains to be seen. But you don’t have to be Prime Minister to read them.

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