Knights scouting for recruits to bring “community feel” | PHOTOS STARLETS: The Newcastle Knights cheerleading squad is looking to expand for the 2018 season.
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The Knights cheerleaders at McDonald Jones Stadium in the 2017 season.

The Knights cheerleaders at McDonald Jones Stadium in the 2017 season.

The Knights cheerleaders at McDonald Jones Stadium in the 2017 season.

Auditions for the roles in the squad will be held on Tuesday, December 12 at McDonald Jones Stadium.

TweetFacebookThe Newcastle Knights might be making some big-money signings in the form of Mitchell Pearce and a host of other incoming names, but its not the only change the rugby league squad is making for 2018.

The Knights cheerleaders are looking to bring in their own ‘new signings’ as part of their highly-trained dance team, and want talented individuals that are can embrace the “community feeling” that the dance troupe aims for.

Alex Tsambas, who took the helm of the cheerleading squad in 2016, believes that the team is a perfect way to “meet new best friends and get involved in the sporting community in town”.

“The cheerleaders, especially in Newcastle, have become so much more than just the girls that are dancing and providing entertainment at each of the rugby league games,” Tsambas said. “That said, they’re definitely all amazing dancers and pretty awesome at entertaining.”

It’s more about the community feel that the “faces of the game” bring, and Tsambas admitted she loves to bring new and eager dancers into the fold.

“We have gone beyond what a lot of people expect of cheerleaders these days, and speaking to the fans, getting involved in events and being a bridge for the kids and adults at the games is a really fun and rewarding role,” she said.

“It’s disappointing when people suggest that cheerleaders aren’t really needed in the game anymore, because we bring a lot to the excitement. You look down on the field after a try or a goal and the girls are celebrating hardest and creating the atmosphere.

“It’s a special role that we are always honoured to take on. The girls that are at the Knights always say that they might retire at the end of the season, but they miss the roar of the crowd too much to leave I think.”

The roles will also include representing the Newcastle Knights on game days and at a variety of corporate, community and charity events across the season.

“There’s so much below the surface that I feel people miss when they first think of the girls on the side of the field,” Tsambas said. “We are constantly promoting the game, and we all love it so much. A lot of my girls [in the team] play league tag as well –we might need our own cheer squad to fill in if more of them keep playing!”

To be considered for the position within the team, applicants must be over 18 years old, and have a current drivers licence.

They must also be available for all Newcastle Knights home games for 2018, be available for Tuesday training sessions, have the ability to perform routines with 5-6 hours of rehearsal and be committed and flexible for all aspects of the position.

The Newcastle Knights will be holding auditions for the 2018 cheerleading team onTuesday, December 12 atMcDonald Jones Stadium at6pm.

To apply for the audition, [email protected]南京夜网419论坛.