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TweetFacebookDiamond LifeFor one hour only on Thursday night, the Heart of the Pacific Diamond Collection will be publicly displayed atSimon Curwood Jewellers at Charlestown Squarefrom 6pm.

Bling: The ring from the Heart of the Pacific Diamond Collection.

The 21.8-carat diamond set includes a designer ring, necklace and drop earrings.

Simon Curwood said the designer andowners were inspired by the waves of the Pacific Ocean on their honeymoon.

“Theywanted to create a piece that represented their love,” Simon said.

Now the jewellery isfor sale for $119,000.

The owners’ identities are confidential.

Aside from the public display, the setwill be kept in a secure location and available for private viewing throughout December.

Drop earrings from the Heart of the Pacific Diamond Collection.

Diamonds representlove, passion and brilliance, Simon said.

“Diamonds take hundreds of millions of years to form and are extremely rare. Each one is one of a kind and sparkles in the light, much like the love of a soul mate. [That’s some nice marketing there, Simon].

“There is a unique diamond to suit every relationship.” [Again, sharp marketing].

Simon says he has “the best job in the world” because he gets to help people select precious gems and jewellery to represent “special moments in life”.

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