Supermoon and heavy rain cause flooding at the Botanic Gardens

High tide at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Tuesday 5th December 2017 SMH photo Louie Douvis .Monday night’s supermoon was one factor to blame for the flooding of part of the Royal Botanic Gardens on Tuesday morning, a meteorologist said.
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A high tide lapped at the top of the waterfront wall along Farm Cove and flooded the walkway around the Botanic Gardens about 10am.

Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said the supermoon event was “likely to have been a factor” in the high tide – the highest experienced since midwinter.

“It was forecast to reach a little bit over two metres, we hadn’t had a tide that high since mid-July,” he said.

“The difference back then was that high tide was after a fairly dry spell; there would have been less flooding as a result.”

Mr Dutschke said the last high tide after significant rainfall was in June, but that tide occurred “a couple of weeks” after the rains.

Meteorologist Graeme Brittain said parts of NSW received more than 50mm of rain in the 24 hours to midday on Tuesday.

Narooma and the South Coast received 54 millimetres, while Jervis Bay had 61 millimetres.

Sydney received 10 to 20 millimetres of rainfall, Mr Brittain said.

A spokeswoman from the Royal Botanic Gardens said the pathway near the waterfront floods once or twice a year in high tides, but the gardens remained undamaged.

Mr Dutschke said Tuesday’s tide would be the highest tide for the week. High tide now at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens .. “Never seen it this high” says one gardener. A taste of things to come. pic.twitter南京夜网/h7ICq6h2Qx??? Joe O’Brien (@JoeABCNews) December 4, 2017This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Knights scouting for recruits to bring “community feel”PHOTOS

Knights scouting for recruits to bring “community feel” | PHOTOS STARLETS: The Newcastle Knights cheerleading squad is looking to expand for the 2018 season.
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The Knights cheerleaders at McDonald Jones Stadium in the 2017 season.

The Knights cheerleaders at McDonald Jones Stadium in the 2017 season.

The Knights cheerleaders at McDonald Jones Stadium in the 2017 season.

Auditions for the roles in the squad will be held on Tuesday, December 12 at McDonald Jones Stadium.

TweetFacebookThe Newcastle Knights might be making some big-money signings in the form of Mitchell Pearce and a host of other incoming names, but its not the only change the rugby league squad is making for 2018.

The Knights cheerleaders are looking to bring in their own ‘new signings’ as part of their highly-trained dance team, and want talented individuals that are can embrace the “community feeling” that the dance troupe aims for.

Alex Tsambas, who took the helm of the cheerleading squad in 2016, believes that the team is a perfect way to “meet new best friends and get involved in the sporting community in town”.

“The cheerleaders, especially in Newcastle, have become so much more than just the girls that are dancing and providing entertainment at each of the rugby league games,” Tsambas said. “That said, they’re definitely all amazing dancers and pretty awesome at entertaining.”

It’s more about the community feel that the “faces of the game” bring, and Tsambas admitted she loves to bring new and eager dancers into the fold.

“We have gone beyond what a lot of people expect of cheerleaders these days, and speaking to the fans, getting involved in events and being a bridge for the kids and adults at the games is a really fun and rewarding role,” she said.

“It’s disappointing when people suggest that cheerleaders aren’t really needed in the game anymore, because we bring a lot to the excitement. You look down on the field after a try or a goal and the girls are celebrating hardest and creating the atmosphere.

“It’s a special role that we are always honoured to take on. The girls that are at the Knights always say that they might retire at the end of the season, but they miss the roar of the crowd too much to leave I think.”

The roles will also include representing the Newcastle Knights on game days and at a variety of corporate, community and charity events across the season.

“There’s so much below the surface that I feel people miss when they first think of the girls on the side of the field,” Tsambas said. “We are constantly promoting the game, and we all love it so much. A lot of my girls [in the team] play league tag as well –we might need our own cheer squad to fill in if more of them keep playing!”

To be considered for the position within the team, applicants must be over 18 years old, and have a current drivers licence.

They must also be available for all Newcastle Knights home games for 2018, be available for Tuesday training sessions, have the ability to perform routines with 5-6 hours of rehearsal and be committed and flexible for all aspects of the position.

The Newcastle Knights will be holding auditions for the 2018 cheerleading team onTuesday, December 12 atMcDonald Jones Stadium at6pm.

To apply for the audition, [email protected]南京夜网419论坛.

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‘At immediate risk’: How bushwalkers could be spreading devastating fungi

Bushwalkers and other travellers heading to Victoria and Tasmania over the summer are advised to take care to avoid spreading a fungus that has already placed dozens of native plant species at “immediate risk”.
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So far, the two states have only identified the imported myrtle rust in nurseries but its rapid spread along Australia’s east coast in just a few years underscores the challenges facing biosecurity staff in all states to contain the fungus.

The devastating rust has been blamed for killing about 57 per cent of adult native guava trees, a common shrub along the east coast in just a few years.

Some 380 species among the Myrtaceae??? family of plants, ranging from eucalypts to paperbarks, are considered susceptible to the rust.

“It’s very unusual among rust fungi in that it’s got an extremely wide host range,” said Bob Makinson???, a conservation botanist and vice president of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, adding most rusts only threaten a couple of species.

“There are about 50 species of immediate concern” in Australia, said Dr Makinson, ahead of a two-day workshop on myrtle rust control attended by government agencies and scientists that began on Tuesday in Canberra.

Along with wild species at risk, the emerging lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle plantation industries are threatened, as are many plant nurseries, prompting the involvement of state agriculture bodies. Rapid spread

The fungus does best in moist forests and woodlands and has spread widely since its first detection at Wyong, near Gosford in NSW, in 2010. (See map below.)

It is not yet clear how it will fare in the biodiversity-rich south-west of Western Australia. With a few exceptions, such as the Clarence River catchment of northern NSW, the rust has mostly been confined so far to about 40 kilometres of the coast.

The rust attacks new growth, such as leaves, preventing flowering. Seedlings are also particularly vulnerable, creating the potential for a rapid spiral decline of susceptible species.

The fungus is spread by microscopic airborne spores that can also accumulate on hats, tents and other gear used by travellers, such as bushwalkers. Its entry into Australia is unknown.

“It could have been somebody going for a bushwalk in Hawaii and then going for a bushwalk here,” Dr Makinson said of its introduction to Australia.

Myrtle rust spores attacking a paperbark species. Photo: Supplied

Increasing travel and trade are raising the risk from bio-threats for both wildlife and agricultural sectors.

“What we’re seeing is a very marked acceleration of the movement of some of these diseases out of their native areas and into new ones,” he said.

Along with the myrtle rust already found in Australia, there are two other “rather more aggressive” that are affecting eucalyptus plantations in South America but are yet to be detected outside the continent, he said. Control measures

The rust penetrates and infects leaves of susceptible plants. Treatment of diseased plants includes coating them with sticky sprays before their removal to avoid the inadvertent spread of spores into the air.

Standard washing-machine use with detergent will kill the spores on clothing.

Similarly, bush travellers can concoct a mix of 75 per cent methylated spirits and 25 per cent water to spray on tents and other equipment to kill the spores, Dr Makinson said.

He said New Zealand had taken a more proactive response to the arrival of myrtle rust, making more on-ground surveys to identify its spread.

It has started “a massive seed bank”, particularly of plants found to be particularly resistant to the fungus, for future restoration of vulnerable plants, an approach Australia should follow.

“We’re seven years down now and we haven’t got a coordinated response so far,” said Dr Makinson, who was formerly a senior researcher at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney for 15 years. Preservation efforts

A spokesman for NSW’s Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton said the state’s government “is commencing a project under its $100 million Saving our Species program to help manage the threat”.

“The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan are part of a network of Australian botanic gardens raising awareness, providing expertise and establishing conservation programs in response to the threat of myrtle rust,” he said.

A spokesman for the NSW Department of Primary Industries said two species, Rhodamnia rubescens and Rhodomyrtus psidioides, have recently been provisionally listed as critically endangered, “in part as a result of the impact of Myrtle rust”.

“People carrying out activities where there is potential to spread myrtle rust to vulnerable species or plant communities are advised to take precautions to minimise risk,” he said, adding the DPI website had more details about its management.

Other work in NSW includes the Royal Botanic Garden, which has also led workshops in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to prepare and respond to myrtle rust.

The NSW PlantBank, which has been storing seeds of all the state’s species, is targeting plants threatened by the fungus, an OEH spokeswoman said.

Since many myrtle species have seeds that do not survive traditional seed banking methods, research is developing new techniques such as plant tissue and cryo-preservation.

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Majority of Aussies are tossing clothing in the bin

Australians are churning through clothes at an unprecedented rate, with 75 per cent of us throwing at least one item of clothing in the bin in the past year.
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One in five of us has also tossed clothing after wearing it just once.

It gets worse the younger you are, with a nearly 40 per cent of millennials buying half of the clothing they own in the past 12 months.

With large fashion houses such as H&M and Zara creating new lines every week, the pressure to keep up with trends has never been so great.

Research released on Tuesday by market research company YouGov Omnibus reveals the extent of Australia’s clothing waste.

Millennials (people born after 1981) are twice as likely as baby boomers to toss clothing because it is unfashionable or they are bored of wearing it.

Marketing student Bridget Halpin admitted to shopping online “quite a lot”, buying two to three new items a month, but said she focussed on staple pieces with a longer shelf life.

Unlike some of her friends, the 20-year-old from Hampton in Melbourne’s south-east said she refrained from tossing clothes in the trash.

“I’ll ask my sisters first because they’re similar sizes and then I tend to give it to St Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army, or sometimes my mum gives them to younger family friends.”

YouGov Omnibus found 30 per cent of Australians threw away more than 10 items in the past year.

Ms Halpin, an intern at a public relations company, said she occasionally felt pressure to look fashionable.

“Definitely when I come into the office and see everyone in cool outfits I think I need to step up my game.

“I do feel a bit of pressure because you see people wearing nice new current season clothes and then you just go and buy it.”

While Australians of all generations were guilty of sending clothes to landfill, baby boomers were more likely to donate unwanted items to charity and keep clothing that is unfashionable.

Of the 2536 people surveyed, 9 per cent of baby boomers bought half of their wardrobe in the last year compared to 38 per cent of millennials.

YouGov’s Head of Omnibus Jake Gammon said the survey suggested the amount of clothing in landfill was likely to rise.

“Looking ahead to the future, there is a worrying trend among millennials; their propensity to dispose of clothing at a faster rate and using less sustainable means than older generations suggests that there is an uphill battle ahead for those keen to tackle this issue head on.”

Millennials were nine times more likely to throw away clothing because they had seen a friend wearing it. Disturbingly, 7 per cent of millennials surveyed also said they burned unwanted clothes to get rid of them.

Ms Halpin said her shopping had become less impulsive with age.

“I think when I was younger, definitely during high school, if there was a party I would have to buy something new. Now I’m more last minute and I’ll go ‘this still looks good, I’ll just wear it’.”

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Happy day for retailers as Amazon fails to live up to the hype

NCH NEWS. Christmas shopping rush at Westfield Kotara. Pic shows shoppers queuing in JB Hi-Fi. 23rd December 2015. NCH. Pic by MAX MASON-HUBERS MMHAustralian retailers have breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed a healthy bump to their share prices after their worst fears about Amazon outgunning them on price and service failed to eventuate.
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The American e-commerce giant sent its Australian website live with “millions” of products for sales on Tuesday, offering next-day deliveries and discounts of up to 30 per cent on popular toys, kitchen appliances and fashion brands.

But retail analysts said Amazon’s prices were not as aggressive as expected and was unlikely to spoil Christmas for local retailers.

Discretionary retailers’ shares have been under pressure for months amid speculation about how Amazon would affect their earnings,but they received a welcome boost as Amazon revealed its hand.

JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman’s shares were the two best performers on the ASX200, jumping 6.76 per cent and 6.25 per cent respectively, while Supercheap Auto owner Super Retail Group closed up 3.1 per cent, and Myer rose up 1.3 per cent. The broader market fell 0.23 per cent.

Harvey Norman chairman Gerry Harvey said Amazon’s launch was a “non-event”, and welcomed his company’s share price recovering some of the losses it has suffered due to Amazon “hype”.

“It’s just amazing that this sort of thing can gather this sort of momentum and ended up so lame,” Mr Harvey said.

The company’s shares were as high as $5.17 in January, closed at $4 on Monday and gained 25?? on Tuesday.

Amazon was selling some popular electronics items significantly lower than Harvey Norman, and Mr Harvey said he would match those prices.

“We’re below them on a lot of stuff, and we’ve got a whole heap of stuff they don’t even sell,” he said.

“In Singapore and Malaysia, we’re dealing not just with Amazon but Alibaba and the lot and our sales are going up over there, not down.”

Citi retail analyst Bryan Raymond said Amazon’s range was “patchy”, with more than 40,000 toys and games from big brands available, but no televisions for sale yet.

The bulk of items listed were being sold by third-party sellers who had slower delivery times, while Amazon built up its distribution infrastructure.

“Based on the current offer, we expect Amazon will not be disruptive to Australian retailers this Christmas,” Mr Raymond said.

Morgan Stanley analyst Tom Kierath said Amazon’s initial offer to Australians would be less disruptive to local players than expected, with weak product range, and delivery times that lagged incumbent retailers.

JB Hi-Fi, for example, offers same-day delivery for $9.99, compared to Amazon’s next-day delivery for the same price.

Amazon’s prices on consumer electronics were higher than competitors, Mr Kierath said, and it appeared it was instead going after Australia’s supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths by undercutting them about 13 per cent on dry groceries such as dishwashing liquid, hand wash, and nappies.

“Amazon isn’t always uniformly cheaper than the competitors but does go after certain categories, usually consumer electronics,” Mr Kierath said. “Based on our analysis it looks to be groceries.”

Another analyst, who asked not to be named, was also unimpressed Amazon’s prices and delivery options, noting that Woolworths was trialing one-hour home delivery from four stores in Sydney.

Mr Raymond said Amazon would start to pose a real threat to local retailers when it launches its Amazon Prime subscription service, slated for mid-2018, which lowers shipping costs, and in some markets enables free two-hour delivery.

Steven Kulmar, from consultancy RetailOasis, said Amazon typically started with only a few core product categories when it launched into a new market. Launching with more than 20 categories in Australia showed it was confident of success.

“I think they’ve worked out that the Australian market is ready for them and the more they serve up to us the more we’ll accept,” he said.

Another challenger also arrived Tuesday in the form of sportswear retailers Decathlon opening a flagship store in Sydney. The French retailer was already generating about $100,000 in sales a month online, according to IBISWorld.

Retail spending jumped to a five-month high in October, data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday showed, after shoppers forked out on clothing, footwear and accessories (up 2.5 per cent) and eating out (2 per cent).

Total spending rose 0.5 per cent in October, up from 0.1 per cent in September, pushing annual sale growth up from 1.5 per cent to 1.8 per cent.

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Brumbies want brickwall defence to help ignite attacking spark

Sport. Brumbies training at their UC HQ. Peter Ryan, one of the coaching staff, looking a bit gangster…ish.April 20th 2016The Canberra TimesPhotograph by Graham Tidy.
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Pre-season Brumbies training (28th November 2017)(coaching staff) Laurie Fisher, Peter Ryan, Dan Palmer and Dan McKellar.Photo by Karleen Minney.

ACT Brumbies tackling guru Peter Ryan has challenged the players to find their attacking spark without sacrificing the goal of becoming the No. 1 defensive team in Super Rugby next year .

The Brumbies are on a mission to improve their attack next year as they attempt to break a New Zealand curse and stamp themselves as a Super Rugby title contender.

They scored an average of just 21 points per game last season compared to title winners the Canterbury Crusaders’ average of more than 36 points per game.

But Ryan says they cannot disregard defensive numbers if they want to be a genuine threat in the competition.

The Brumbies were the third best defensive team in the competition last last year, conceding just 272 points in 15 games in the regular season.

“We need to decrease the amount of tries scored against us … We need to be under 20 points against us regardless of whether it’s tries or penalties.

“If we can do that, the Brumbies have historically been able to score more than 20 points, so that puts us in a good position.

“In 2015 we were the best defensive team in the history of the competition. In 2016 we sacrificed a lot of time on our defensive structure [to look at attack].

“From my point of view, our standard dropped from where we wanted it but then we stepped back up last year. We want to be at the top level next year and be No. 1 in defence.

“Although we’re changing our attack a bit, I think our defence will be along for the ride.”

Ryan, a Super Rugby and NRL title winner and dual-code hardman, is back in Canberra for Brumbies pre-season training after completing a stint with the Fiji side on its tour of Europe.

The former Brumbies flanker and Brisbane Broncos forward has signed a one-year contract extension to stay in Canberra as part of Dan McKellar’s first-year coaching set up.

However, Ryan will weigh up his options at the end of the season before deciding if he will return to the Brumbies or pursue challenges in rugby union or rugby league.

Ryan is a valuable asset in Australian rugby given the Brumbies were the only team to concede less than 300 points.

The NSW Waratahs, Melbourne Rebels, Queensland Reds and Western Force all conceded more than 400 points in their 15 games last year.

“Every day for me is a joy to turn up … Every day you can see individual improvement,” Ryan said.

“It’s a really good set up this year that will gel well for a good 2018. The European trip was a lot of work, but I was seeing new places every day so I enjoyed it.

“Moving forward I think Fiji can be a really positive influence in international rugby. But I’m glad to be back here and excited about what we’re working towards for next year.”

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Jensen aims high for first Hobart campaign

STORM A COMIN’: Iain Jensen at the Infotrack launch of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in Sydney on Tuesday. Picture: AAP Image/Brendan EspositoOlympic gold medallistIain Jensen said a Sydney to Hobart win on debut “would be up there” in his career highlights as he prepares alongside fellow Lake Macquarie sailors Ben Lamb and Tom Braidwood on InfoTrack.
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Jensen, who wongold at the 2012 London Olympics and silver at the Rio Olympics in the 49er class,received a call from InfoTrack helmsman Lamb asking him to join the crew.

“I’ve always wanted to do the Hobart, it’s an iconic race in Australia,” Jensen said. “To come home with a Hobart win would be up there for sure.[Lamb] sort of asked if I was interested in doing it. He told me who else was on board and which boat it was and it seemed like a really good opportunity.”

The crew of Sydney to Hobart favourites InfoTrack are confident they can not only defend the title butbreak the race record this year.

TechentrepreneurChristian Beck bought 2016 line honours winner Perpetual Loyalthis year and rebranded it after his company.

Perpetual Loyal, skippered by celebrity accountant Anthony Bell, set a new race record of one day, 13 hours, 31 minutes and 20 seconds last year.

“We’d like totry tokeep the record,” saidBeck, also the skipper ofInfoTrack.”If the conditions are right we’d like totry andholdon tothat record. I think if it’s windy we have a chanceof winning.”

Beckis estimated to be worth more than $600 million and was named Ernst and Youngentrepreneurof 2017 last month.

He hasn’t doneoffshoreocean racingbefore and admits it’s a “whole new world”.

“It’s all about the crewbecause I don’t knowwhat I’m doing, soI really need a good crew,”Beckjoked.

InfoTrack boat captain Ty Oxley will compete in his 15th Sydney to Hobart this year and is confident the 100-foot supermaxi can break the race record if the weather conditions suit.

“It took fourhours, 50 minutes off the record last year so anything’s possible,” Oxley said.“It’s definitely capable of winning again and it’s definitely proved itself to be capable in those strong conditions.”

InfoTrack has assembled a star-studded crew withdecades of Sydney to Hobart experience and Olympic medals.Some were meeting Beck for the first time at Tuesday’sInfoTracklaunch.

Beck is also keen to organise a weekly race between supermaxis in the style of the start of theSydney to Hobart, where the yachts race to be first out of the Sydneyheads.

InfoTrack,Comanche, WildOats XI andBlack Jack are the supermaxisin the107-strong fleet.

“It’s going tobequite acompetitive year this year.Comanchewillbea hardboat tobeat,” Jensen said.

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Ministers to kill off changes to marriage bill

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Defence Industry and Leader of the House Christopher Pyne during a motion for a proposed citizenship register, in the House of Representatives in Canberra on Monday 4 December 2017. fedpol Photo: Alex EllinghausenCabinet ministers will ignore Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s lead and kill off amendments to the same-sex marriage bill that would have bolstered religious exemptions and enabled civil celebrants to discriminate against gay couples.
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Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne indicated he would oppose all amendments to senator Dean Smith’s bill, deriding the various changes proposed by his Liberal colleagues as unnecessary and superfluous.

Mr Pyne’s declaration means there are now enough MPs opposed to the amendments to form a blocking majority of 74 votes, including Labor’s 69 MPs, Adam Bandt, Rebekha Sharkie, Andrew Wilkie and Liberal backbencher Warren Entsch.

Fellow Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman took that number to 75, telling Fairfax Media on Tuesday: “I have not seen any amendments that would dissuade me from believing that the bill adopted by the Senate should stand.”

Mr Pyne – a long-standing supporter of same-sex marriage – told the chamber he was satisfied the bill already protected religious freedom.

“I do not support the insertion of unnecessary amendments,” he said. “Acts of Parliament should not contain superfluous clauses – especially superfluous clauses based on the opinion that Australia’s laws don’t adequately protect the religious freedoms that we have cherished since Federation. I firmly believe that they do.”

In a passionate and personal speech reflecting on his own Christian faith, Mr Pyne said the right for same-sex couples to marry had been “denied too long, too cruelly – and too often with such meagre and patently disingenuous defences”.

The denial of civil marriage equality was “a betrayal of the separation of church and state”, “hypocritical” and “plainly wrong”, he said.

Mr Pyne’s opposition to the amendments will give the green light for other MPs to vote against them in what is a conscience vote for all Coalition MPs. Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer, also a member of the moderate Liberal faction, stated last week that she is unpersuaded by the amendments put forward to date. Education Minister Simon Birmingham and Defence Minister Marise Payne, also moderates, rejected the amendments in the Senate last week.

Their stance contradicts that of Mr Turnbull, who will support moves to allow civil celebrants to discriminate against gay couples even though they are doomed to fail. On Tuesday, the PM said it was his ministers’ “absolute right” to disagree with him and vote as they see fit.

“I am not sure what part of free [vote] you do not understand,” he said.

But at a Coalition party room meeting on Tuesday, Mr Turnbull and the man he replaced, Tony Abbott, clashed over Mr Abbott’s proposal to add a so-called “pious amendment” to the bill. The motion, which would not alter the bill, is a declaration that nobody should “suffer any adverse effects” from their beliefs about marriage.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne clashed over Mr Abbott’s proposed ‘pious amendment’. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Several MPs in the room told Fairfax Media the exchange was “terse” or “heated”. A frustrated Mr Turnbull eventually told Mr Abbott he would not support the motion. “He basically said to Abbott, ‘I have been married to Lucy for 38 years and I know the importance of marriage’,” one MP recounted.

“It’s the strongest I’ve seen Malcolm. He really put Abbott in his box,” another MP said.

Mr Pyne then intervened and said the pious amendment would stop the bill in its tracks, that debate would have to be restarted and that it would cause a major problem. Mr Zimmerman echoed Mr Pyne’s intervention, while Kevin Andrews backed Mr Abbott.

Alex Greenwich, co-chair of the Equality Campaign, said he was “grateful to all the MPs across the Parliament who are voting down amendments, and in doing so ensuring the will of the people and the government’s promise are fulfilled to achieve marriage equality this week”.

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Australia’s largest solar plant to be built in 2018

Australia’s largest solar and battery power plant is slated to be built in NSW early next year.
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Maoneng Australia and Decmil had signed a memorandum of understanding to construct a 250-megawatt direct-currentsolar photovoltaic power plant and planned to start building as soon as April or May, Maoneng vice-president Qiao Han said on Tuesday.

Once built, Sunraysia will be more than double the size of the current largest solar plant, a 102-megawatt generation facility at Nyngan in NSW. It will take the mantle of the largest operating solar project in the southern hemisphere from Nygnan once operational.

The construction contract is valued at about $275 million.

The solar farm will be about 17 kilometres from Balranald in NSW and 140 kilometres south-east of Mildura in Victoria. It will generate at least 530,000-megawatt hours of electricity annually, powering homes in both states.

The project could also be one of the first solar farms in NSW to utilise batteries for storage of excess power.

“This will provide greater energy reliability and allow the solar farm to produce electricity during periods of peak demand rather than only during sunlight hours,” Decmil said in a statement.

Mr Han said the solar farm would increase energy security for the national electricity market and provide additional supply in the year ahead.

“This development will play a large part in offsetting some of the recent closures of thermal generators within the region as well as bringing opportunities for those looking to transition from fossil fuels into the renewable energy sector,” Mr Han said.

Once completed, Sunraysia, together with the company’s other solar farms, would be monitored and remotely operated out of Sydney.

While there are three proposed projects that will eventually be larger – Equis Energy’s 1000-megawatt solar facility in Wandoan, Queensland, Lyon Group’s 330-megawatt Riverland site in South Australia, and Photon Energy’s 316-megawatt plant in NSW – Sunraysia will be built before these projects.

Sunraysia is Maoneng’s second major Australian solar investment, following the completion in recent years of the 13-megawatt Mugga Lane solar park in the ACT.

The Mugga Lane solar farm generates around 24,500-megawatt hours of electricity annually, which is enough to power 3000 homes.

The Sunraysia agreement follows the NSW government’s release of new large-scale solar energy draft guidelines, which classify this project as a state-significant development.

Under the new guidelines, a solar energy development is classified as a significant project if it has a capital investment value of more than $30 million.

Decmil’s shares rose 1.27 per cent on Tuesday before closing half a cent weaker at $1.175.

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Nofoaluma plays through the pain for Wests Tigers

David Nofoaluma enjoyed a remarkable season for someone who shouldn’t have played beyond round seven.
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It was then that he suffered an injury that required groin and hernia surgeries. Rather than get the operations done straight away – a move that would have effectively ended his year – the Wests Tigers winger played on because there was no one to fill his void.

It’s not like Nofoaluma was playing for a contract – he had signed a lucrative four-year extension just weeks before suffering a sports hernia – but he played through the pain anyway.

“It gives you lower abdomen pain, and it takes away your power,” Nofoaluma said.

“I tell you what, I don’t want to experience it again.

“It took a bit out of me. I couldn’t do certain movements. When I was tackled, it was hard for me to do a crunch. Even when sitting up, I couldn’t get out of bed; I had to roll out.

“I’ve relied on some tablets the club gave me to help with the pain, but it didn’t do much. I struggled all year.”

It’s been two months since Nofoaluma underwent the procedure and he is now able to participate in “90 per cent” of the Tigers’ preseason. While South Sydney’s Adam Reynolds suffered a similar injury and just had his hernia operated on, the Wests Tigers flanker opted to also have surgery on his groin to ensure there were no related issues.

“I could have [had the operation straight away], but there was no depth in the team, and Ivan [Cleary] needed me out there,” he said.

“He said to stick it out until the end of the year and go from there.”

When Nofoaluma committed to the Tigers in April, he was the first high-profile player to do so. At the time, the future of the “Big Four” of Aaron Woods, Mitchell Moses, James Tedesco and Luke Brooks was uncertain, and halfback Brooks would prove the only member to stay put.

Within weeks, the joint-venture outfit embarked on a signing spree that netted Josh Reynolds, Ben Matulino, Russell Packer, Chris McQueen, Benji Marshall, Robbie Rochow, Mahe Fonua, Taane Milne and Corey Thompson to vindicate Nofoaluma’s decision.

“When I was signing, there was all that drama happening and I was nervous with [possibly] four good players about to leave,” he said.

“What would happen to the Wests Tigers in 2018? But once I signed I was happy. It made me think afterwards, ‘What’s next for the club?’, and a week later we signed Ben Matulino, and that gave me a bit of happiness; then we signed Packer two weeks after that, and it made me even happier.

“Then Reynolds come in, and I thought, ‘We’ve got a good chance next year’, and there were signings after signings.

“I couldn’t wait to come to preseason to meet them all, and since they’ve been here they’ve slotted in well. There’s a whole new vibe around here.”

Nofoaluma’s injury prevented him from again representing Samoa at the World Cup. It remains to be seen which will be his next representative jersey. The 24-year-old is eligible for NSW, Australia, Samoa and New Zealand, and is yet to decide his priority.

“[It’s] always a goal to make the rep teams,” he said.

“The good thing about me is I’m eligible for Samoa, New Zealand and Australia. It would be nice to play for NSW, but you have to think how many players are there and will stay there. If they play well, it’s a tough one.

“I’ve had a think about it with my family and missus about possibly trying out for New Zealand, but we’ll see how the year goes.”

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Doubts grow over Handscomb’s technique

Former England captains Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan say Peter Handscomb has lost trust in his technique as doubts emerge over his position in the Australian team after another low score.
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The Victorian was dismissed in worrying fashion for 12 by James Anderson, who worked the batsman over with a series of pitched-up deliveries.

There is now a strong suspicion England have figured out Handscomb, whose unorthodox technique is under the microscope.

Handscomb appeared to change his approach on Tuesday, keeping his head towards the leg side of the ball, which prevented him from hitting it under his eye line.

“It was very evident he had lost complete trust in the way he was playing,” Vaughan said.

Handscomb was in the form of his life when he broke into the team last summer but the runs have dried up. The 26-year-old is averaging 24.33 from nine hits at first-class level this season with only one half-century.

While his Test average is still lofty at 47.35, the No.5 has passed 50 only once in nine innings since his game-saving 72 not out against India in Ranchi.

Handscomb is likely to keep his place in the XI for the third Test, particularly if Australia win in Adelaide, but he is no certainty to still be in the side by the end of the series.

Victoria’s Glenn Maxwell, the leading run-scorer in the competition with 590 at 73.75, appears to be the next cab off the rank after being put on standby for the first Test.

Maxwell is presenting a strong case for a recall after backing up his epic double century with 96 this week in the Sheffield Shield.

Pietersen, who is fifth on England’s all-time Test runs list, says England can see Handscomb has doubts in his game.

“In Test match cricket you have to fiercely compete against the bowler,” Pietersen said on the Channel Nine telecast.

“You have to make the bowler think you have everything right, even if you don’t. You have to get that personality across, to me Handscomb hasn’t had that personality across.

“It’ll emphasise with Broad and Anderson targeting him they knew he wasn’t happy with that technique. You can’t have that in Australia batting at No.5.

“You can see it from a mile off, the players can, you just cannot do it.

“[If] you’re battling your technique as much as that the guys on the field pick it up so quick.”

Pietersen said Handscomb, a teammate of his at the Melbourne Stars, needed to get back to basics.

“[But] what do you tell him to do?” Pietersen said.

“He’s been scoring so many runs with that technique which has got him into the Australia side which we’re questioning.”

Handscomb said last week he was comfortable with his game.

“I have batted deep in my crease for three years, I am not really that concerned. I batted deep last year and managed to hit balls on the stumps and made lots of runs,” he said.

“I am not concerned, obviously I have got my plans, I just need to hit the ball, it’s as simple as that.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Mavid builds on outstanding reputation

Mavid Group Office: Located at 81 Mustang Drive, Rutherford NSW 2320Mavid Construction aren’t in the building industry for awards, but they certainly bring great recognition for the company and a sense of achievement for staff.
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This year Mavid Construction entered into “HIA Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards” and “MBA Excellence in Building Awards” achieving the following Awards:

2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Awards Winner: Bathroom up to $20,000 Project:Hibberd Street, Hamilton2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Awards Winner: Renovation/Addition Project over $750,001 Project:Nesca Parade, The Hill2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Awards Winner: Townhouse/Villa of the Year Project:Beaumont Street, Hamilton2017 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Awards Winner: Townhouse/Villa Development over 5 dwellings Project:Wallsend Street, KahibahMBA 2017 Excellence in building awards Newcastle Winner: Medium Density Dual Occupancy, Project:Beaumont Street, HamiltonMBA 2017 Excellence in building awards Newcastle Winner: Commercial – Extensions, Renovations & Refurbishments Under $2 Million, Project: Go Kindy Childcare New LambtonMBA 2017 Excellence in building awards Newcastle Winner: Custom Built Home, Project:Cockle Crescent, Teralba“We do not do what we do for recognition, however being recognized by the local community and Housing Organisations is an extraordinary moment,” company spokesperson Stephanie Carter said.

“Achieving such awards for the developments we build gives the whole team a great sense of achievement and recognition.

“This also gives our clients great confidence in building with such a highly recognized builder such as Mavid Construction.

“Our clients are involved every step of the way including the achievement of receiving these Awards for their investment or forever home.”

Mavid Construction specializes in medium density units and dwellings, also completing custom built homes, high-end architecturally designed homes, commercial and industrial projects including office refurbishments and childcare centres.

Clients include all sectors of the market. Whether it be a first home buyer, investor, developer, a family looking to upsize their home or a retiree wanting to downsize, Mavid Construction has expertise to deliver a quality built project whilst servicing the Hunter Valley, Newcastle region, Mid North Coast and Central Coast.

“Mavid Constructions’ Vision and Values are at the core of everything we do as a company,” Mrs Carter said. “Our Vision of providing superior quality, time and cost building is the key focus of our construction methods and customer service, it inspires ambition that drives our company to reach even greater heights.”

The team at Mavid Construction lives and breathes the company vision which is to provide superior quality, time and cost building that:

Customers recommend to family and friends,Consumers seek for in the market place,Employees are proud of,And that when choosing between MAVID and a competitor,There is never a choice!“The Mavid team strongly believe in their core values both personally and professionally,” Mrs Carter said.

“Those values include Integrity, recognition, empower, passion, quality, precision and safety and are shared throughout the team’s everyday lives allowing Mavid Construction to maintain business success.”

Mavid Construction is independently owned and directed by an energetic and enthusiastic carpenter, builder and manager Matt Sharpe.

“Matt has many years’ experience in the building industry and his success and thriving business can be attributed to his eagerness to excel and build highly sought after constructions,” Ms Carter said.

Mavid was created in June 2011 and has grown rapidly since. Ithas a tight group of 37 employees comprising of 20 office-based and 17 site-based staff.

They enjoygreat working relationships with a broad network of trades that range anywhere from 700 to 800 contractors. The companyprides itself on its swift completion of projects, while producing extremely high quality and innovative work.

“Thecompany would love to take this opportunity to thank the Mavid team, trades, suppliers and clients for their efforts for the year and to enjoy a well earned and deserved break ready for a bigger year next year,” Mrs Carter said.

Mavid Construction is located at 81 Mustang Drive, Rutherford. For more information ring(02) 4015 2666 or visit thewebsite: 梧桐夜网mavidgroup南京夜网419论坛.

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Rock on at Flow Bar

Rock on at Flow Bar TweetFacebookFREEBIE OF THE WEEK: Win a night for two in the Ziggy SuiteOld Bar’s Boogie Woogie Beach House is one of a kind. Cool without being pretentious, it is tailor made for music lovers and each room in the renovated backpackers’ hotel pays homage to a musician of note.
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The downstairs Flow Bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday and if you’re not careful, you might find yourself sitting in the sunnyoutdoor dining area for all three meals.

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. You are made to feel right at home.

Head chef Dave Clifton has just launched a new modern Australian summer menu withMediterranean, Americana and Asian influences.It is filled with small and main dishes designed to be shared.

Clifton himself is a fan of the pickled wild mushroom conserve and onion puree on the 500-gram grassland rib-eye steak.

He also rates the angel hair pasta with fresh tuna and local fragrant herbs, and the 350-gram grass-fed lamb rump, sliced to share and served with peppers, fresh pomegranate, chickpea and pickled cauliflower.

As for fans of crab, they should try the new crab and leek fritters dressed with a palette pleasing“green goddess sauce”.

“The menu is best when shared, it’s fun, you get to sample more than one dish and talk about the flavours with your friends. It really adds to the whole experience,” he explains.

Parties and large groups are also catered for. TheChef’s Selection Banquet leaves the decision-makingin Clifton’s capable hands. He selects andserveseight delectable dishes for the group to share for $49 per person.

And then there’s the live music side of things. Plan ahead and you get to see some of Australia’s best talent up close and personal. You can even have a beer with them after the gig if you’re lucky.

Weekenderis giving away a one-night stay for two people in Boogie Woogie Beach House’s stunning Ziggy Suite. Bookings can only be made outside of peak periods, in consultation with the venue’s owners.

To enter,send the word“Boogie Woogie”[email protected]南京夜网419论坛or text“Boogie Woogie”to0427 369 610, including your name, address and phone number.

Entries close at 9am on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

FlowBar and Boogie Woogie Beach Houseis at 31 David Street, OldBar. Go to flowbar南京夜网419论坛 or phone 6557 4224 for further information.

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